Building Your CW Skills

Anyone and Everyone interested in learning CW or improving their CW Skills are invited to join our weekly practice group.

You can post your interest on our page here.

When:  Beginning August 18, 2021 and recurring each Wednesday at 5 pm
Where:Port Charlotte American Legion 3152 Harbor Blvd, PC  in the Back Room
Amenities:   The kitchen is open to all participants for dinner and the bar is open to all Legion members

Goal – Develop CW skills necessary to head copy and send perfect code at 15 wpm and up sufficient for Contesting and Rag Chew.

Approach – Starting with Audio training to establish the subconscious mental connection between the CW dits/dahs and the letter.  Once copy skills are developing,  introduce sending practice with the Iambic Key.

This is not a class, rather a study and practice group learning together.

Practice sessions will include
    Introduction to copy practice tools.
    Copy with FLDIGI assistance
    Copy code drills
    Simulated CW contest drills
    Sending practice tools
    Send & receive peer to peer
    Contest with FLDIGI assistance
    Discovery of new training resources

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