Vertical Antenna Shoot out

Saturday, April 2nd

ARRL Field Day is coming fast and WX4E has a few challenges to overcome before the event. Antenna Field is one of those Key Challenges.

Chuck KO4ACY, Dave NC4CC, Dave K3FHP, and I will be conducting a vertical antenna comparison Saturday, April 2nd at the ACY shop.
We will be testing the 6BTV, the DX Commander, and a Vertical Dipole head to head to determine the best option for the CW/Voice antenna for Field Day.  
The radial field and the antenna mount will be held constant as we rotate the antennas through propagation testing.  Propagation testing will use tools such as whisper, reverse beacon network, and psk reporter.

Everyone is welcome to come out and observe the experiment.  And anyone wanting to enter a vertical antenna candidate may contact me at dennis at  Remember this is a search for the top vertically oriented field day antenna.

And BTW,  this is just the first phase of developing the Antenna Field for Field Day.  The second exercise will involve setting up the leading Vertical,  the Fan Dipole, and a Mag Loop, to conduct blocking and interference testing for 3 station operation.
If we are successful with these exercises,  we should go into Field Day with a significant competitive improvement.

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