Measurement Systems

Measurements with the NanoVNA

This is a six-part series on using the NanoVNA by Arie Kleingeld PA3A

Radio Systems

W6BFK, Adjusting the IC-7300 for maximum receiver performance

Here is the presentation from our 2022 Summer Field Day Educational Program.

Battery Systems

Prototype 50 Ah Battery Project

Here is a lightweight, relatively low-cost solution to portable power for your field operations. This is a CARS club project that is being developed for a group build.

Antenna Systems

Inexpensive 6-Meter Antenna

Join us for another club-building project. Angelo, K3YUN shares his recent success building an inexpensive antenna for 6 meters.  Angelo is able to work stations 18 miles from his QTH with this easy-to-build project.

Satellite Systems

Micro-Controller Based Satellite Tracking System

Join us to design and construct a satellite tracking system. Our satellite tracking system working documents are located here:

Antenna Systems

A Tower Project for Field Days

Help us design and fabricate a tower system for use during our Field Days. Our tower project working documents are located here:

Club Building Projects

DIY 150-Watt Dummy Load

Here are the instructions to complete the kits:

Club Building Projects

The antenna matchbox and end-fed wire antenna

There are three (3) sections to these instructions. Each section contains a link to the concept, theory, and detailed instructions for the completion of the matchbox project. The parts list is found on the last page of the third section – Toroid Winding Instructions 

Antenna Systems

CARS Mag Loop Building Project

Here is a compilation of the post and resources for the CARS Mag Loop Building Project organized and designed by Angelo, K3YUN
We’ll begin with a photo of the finished project.